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The 12th recording master class is about to open

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The advent of the digital television era has brought about revolutionary changes in the production and distribution of television program sound. The long-term mono-program production and broadcast methods have also changed as the digitalization of television programs progresses. In recent years, domestic and international TV broadcasters and content providers have begun to increasingly adopt surround sound production, including large-scale sports events such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup, as well as "China Good Voice," "Dream Star Partner," "Europe Singing contest "and other hit variety show. The 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Gala and the Lantern Festival Gala surround sound broadcast marks the surround sound television program has become the benchmark for high-quality high-definition entertainment content, a domestic high-definition television services to new standards. Therefore, the School of Music and Recording Arts of Communication University of China will hold the theme of "Producing TV Surround Sound" as the theme of the 12th recording master class and exchange and discuss with the industry. This master class will be held July 15, 16, for a period of 2 days. By well-known European recording engineer Askan Siegfried brought dear Nan Nan, Lin Meng Yang, the famous domestic recording engineer for everyone to have a wonderful speech on "TV program surround sound production." Recording Master Class is a famous academic tradition and academic brand of the School of Music and Recording Arts of Communication University of China. So far, the recording master class has been successfully held eleven, from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United States, Britain, Denmark and other top audio engineers, as well as many well-known domestic audio engineers have come to the theme speech.

Communication University of China Institute of music and recording the twelfth recording master class

Speaker: Askan Siegfried Lu Nannan Lin Meng Yang

Theme: TV program surround sound production

Time: July 15, 2015, 16th

Venue: Beijing Communication University of China Laboratory Building, 400 people lecture hall

Wednesday, July 15:

9: 00-12: 00 Askan Siegfried Surround Sound Mixing Concepts and Related Techniques

13: 30-16: 30Askan Siegfried surround sound production of various TV shows

Thursday, July 16:

9: 00-12: 00 Lu Nannan Music and Variety TV 5.1 Surround Sound Production Analysis 

13: 30-14: 00 Ma Xin Line Array Speaker in APEC Beijing Summit Welcome Dinner Application

14: 00-17: 00 Lin Meng Yang TV music variety show music recording mix

Guest speaker introduction:

Askan Siegfried

A famous recording engineer in Europe, he graduated from the Recording Department of the Berlin University of the Arts in 1981, and worked for the German Broadcasting Union Hamburg Television Station since 1988. For many years engaged in music recording, mixing, TV programs broadcast live broadcast work, including sports surround sound programs, variety show and other surround sound programs. He previously served as A1 audio engineer for the 2008 Olympic Games, live mixer for the 2011 European song, live broadcast director for the 2011 Wagner Bayreuth Festival, live mixer for the Fehmarn New Year Concert 2011, and more. Member of the EBU PLOUD committee, who participated in the European Loudness Standard R128 and co-authored the Handbook on Television Surround Sound Production.

Lu Nan Nan

He graduated from the Music and Recording Arts Institute of Communication University of China with a master's degree in audio recording art. He is currently working at CCTV and is mainly engaged in recording work in such fields as music and large-scale art performances. Since 2013, he has successively been the chief live sound engineer of "CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala" and the main live sound engineer of "CCTV Youth Song Contest". Since its inception, it has won the first prize of "Jin Fan Award" recording technology quality, the best record award of "China Gold Disc", the first prize of the recording technology quality of China Film and Television Technology Association, the first prize of the recording technology quality of China Recording Artists Association And many other awards.

Lin Meng Yang

Graduated from SAE INSTITUTE HAMBURG, graduated from the Diploma in Audio Engineering Diploma. From 2009 to 2012, he was mainly engaged in the sound mixing of film music recordings and concert live recordings. The film works include "Di Renjie Heavenly Empire" and "Hurried Year" etc. The concert sound recordings include "Faye Wong Tour" "Li Yu Chun WHY ME concert" and so on. Since 2012, he has been mainly engaged in PA sound mixing of TV recordings and concert soundtracks, "China Good Sounds" and "I'm a Singer" of TV programs, etc. The concert sound reinforcement "Bibi Chang Concert", "Yang Kun Concert Will "wait.

Ma Xin

China's coal mills sound engineer, Beijing Yong Sheng International Culture Media Co., Ltd. Chief designer of sound, general manager. China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association members, the China Academy of sound stage sound professional committee, engaged in music and large-scale art performances and other related areas of sound design. The main work experience includes the 2015 Beijing International Film Festival Awards Ceremony and the closing ceremony of the total design; 2015 Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala total design; 2014 APEC Beijing Summit welcome dinner sound design; the 60th anniversary of the National Day military parade , The total design of the people's parade sound; the 29th Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, Beijing Paralympic audio design.

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