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On November 6, Benjamin O'Hara, an Australian professor at the M3 Living Room at the new International Communication Center of Communication University of China, brought to this music forum the theme "Is the system we want better than what we have?" Wonderful speech, put forward his unique view on the music copyright system. Prof. Benjamin O'Hara is a Music Business Project Leader at Melbourne's Mount Cook University, Australia. He has extensive experience in music publishing, music licensing and musical performances. He has 15 years of experience in stage performance and has his own acting brokerage firm. He has books on music industry and a large number of academic papers such as "Copyright, royalties and publishing", "Management of music events and festivals", "Establishment of small music, entertainment or art companies" and enjoys a high reputation in music academia .

The speech is divided into three major sections, each of which is led by three common misunderstandings of music copyright. It explains in simple terms the common questions of people in the existing music copyright system, covering the use of copyright symbols, reference standards for music sampling, channels for the use of musical works Commercial definition and many other issues related to the music industry, based on the above, Professor Benjamin O'Hara with more than 15 years of experience in business analysis, to correct these errors, but also introduced its own music copyright system management standards , These contents have far-reaching referential significance to the reform of our country's music copyright system. At the end of the speech, the professor answered the topic of the speech and pointed out that the existing system can satisfy the normal operation of the music industry, but requires the change of the music user The conception of the concept of copyright, the true compliance with the existing rules of copyright of music, the only way to make music copyright - the foundation of the development of the music industry, the real protection of the legitimate rights and interests of music copyright, the role of the music industry healthy and rapid development. In the final Q & A session, American scholars and Professor Benjamin O'Hara exchanged their opinions on the country's music copyright system. This speech ended in a lively discussion.

Through this lecture, Australian professor Benjamin O'Hara elaborated his thoughts on the future development of the music industry over the years, and taught his many years of experience and lessons in starting a business in this field, bringing great inspiration to the scholars in attendance. I believe that in the future exchange and study between the scholars of the two countries, the musicology construction of our school will be more mature and more international in scope.

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