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As an important part of the opening of the Music Industry Forum, David Herlihy, a professor and lawyer at Northeastern University, delivered a speech titled "The Next Milestone of Copyright Act" at Communication University of China Communication Center on the morning of November 6. The speech mainly introduced the development and improvement of copyright-related regulations and laws in the United States since 1972, as well as the Green Book of Copyright Act and the latest revision of the Copyright Act, and made recommendations for the future development of the Chinese music industry. Professor David is a music industry professor and director of record at the Art Media and Design Institute of Northeastern University. He is a representative expert in the field of industry. Based on the challenges facing Mariah Carelan, the head of the U.S. National Copyright Office and copyright registrar, during a speech at Columbia University School of Law in March 2013 and the next milestone in the Copyright Act, Professor David put forward his own specific views. Under the current situation of digital economy, we need to emphasize the balance of interests in the interests of the content owners, the public interests of society and the encouragement of innovation. To blindly emphasize the private interests of content owners and seek the maximization of interests as the ultimate goal, although short-term goals are achieved for individual rights holders, they will have a negative impact on the general ecological environment such as social public interest and support for innovation. In promoting the balance of species, will achieve the ecological health environment in the multi-income.

Professor David believes that at present the best time for China to develop the music industry is to study the advanced experience of the United States and avoid the ineffective attempt of the United States. The government helps create a forum for copyright owners, musicians, digital service providers and more Regulations can follow to create a healthy ecological environment in order to stimulate the driving force behind the creation of society to ensure the supply of ecosystem sources. In terms of methods of reference, we should improve the management power of collective licenses, pay directly to the copyright owners for the benefit of transparency, enhance the service convenience of copyright authorization and eliminate the government's comparatively large support ratio for enterprises in order to allow the market to enjoy autonomy Complete the survival of the fittest and other methods to help the healthy development of the Chinese market will play a positive.

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