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Darren Walters, from Drexel University, ushered in at Room M3, International Communication Convention Center, Communication University of China on November 6, 2014 at 2:00 pm. He talked about marketing and disintegration in the current chaotic digital age Made an authoritative speech. Talk about what is meant by the relationship between marketing and disintegration, that is, to expand and attract consumer groups through the use of the revolutionary technology of distribution or marketing through the separation of competi- tiveness or pattern. Professor Darren showed us a set of figures for 2014 sales of the United States in the third quarter. The figure shows that although digital recordings have taken a large proportion in recent two years, they have shown a downward trend. Professor Darren also said that to revive the digital age with a unique boom, artists should have a more modern, popular, rebellious and attractive spirit. Why there will be disintegration? Professor Darren claims this is the result of a combination of advanced communication methods and keen eyewitness. He cited examples of U2's digital album Songs of Innocence through Apple. U2 In order to attract more fans, share their music albums on iTunes for free. Although the distribution of up to 81%, only a few people turned out to be willing to accept this free genuine music. The failed means of communication were unanimously denied by the industry. He also cited Thom Yorke's album Tomorrow's Modern Boxes downloaded via the pirate software BitTorrent. The album became BitTorrent's first paid item. The price is only 6 dollars, and you can download for free to the first album of the audio and video version. Yorke does not need record distributors, avoids the cumbersome ways of working with the company, saves most of the costs, and he can even reap huge rewards for $ 6. In addition to BitTorrent, the album was only available through the vinyl record, and even streaming media would not be available for playback, driving the sales of vinyl records. Thom Yorke's successful experiments, while not immediately changing the status quo in the music market, offer artists a new paradigm for finding a music industry.

Speakers asked whether Darren's advice on changing marketing skills could be made. Professor Darren believes that the disintegration of the industry is the artist's own problem. What artists can do is not wait for the market to collapse, but try to innovate and make changes that conform to the trend of the times. Although BitTorrent is a pirated software, you should see hope as long as it helps your sales.

In the end, Professor Darren pointed out that while technology changes are causing the destruction of the digital music market, it is vital that fans accept the changes and accept free music downloads, instead of letting fans feel disappointed. The chaotic digital age is not without meaning. What we can do is to seize the opportunity and actively participate in meeting the light of the digital age.

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