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US Music Streaming Services and the Chinese Music Streaming Landscape

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On November the 6th, 2015, “second session of the music industry forum”was held in the Communication University of China, the new international exchange center. On the afternoon of the same day 13:30, Northeastern University School of art, media and design the music industry expert Robert professor on international music education and the copyright protection, make a speech, the speech topic is the United States and China media music domain.Through the bar chart and the data analysis, the current market trend of the streaming media music replacement is summarized. And the conclusion is drawn that the competition and differentiation of American streaming media is fierce, and the core business and competitive advantages of different media are analyzed. At the same time, for example, the phenomenon of the integration of M & A in the music industry, and the development process and the existing problems of the United States intellectual property rights are expounded. Then, through the market analysis of streaming media music service providers that the future music industry integration of different service providers consisting of a large platform, service providers across the platform to integrate the market rule and enlightenment. In the end, the value characteristics of the future music service, the impact of China's 4G users on the music consumption and related services are proposed.When it comes to the future of music features, the professor is very pleased to see the flow of media, download, video, concert tickets and other types of music services in China, and hope that the formation of explosive many service music industry. The professor's fine looking forward to a successful conclusion.Throughout the forum, the professor and the audience live Q & A,experts and scholars to discuss a warm, many guests are immersed in the audience, the Robert professor's speech reflected strongly that the topic is not only has a certain significance of research value, the development of China's music industry has a constructive value and help.

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