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Two Current Debates about Rights in UK Music

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On November the 6th, 2015, professor Kienda attended the second session of high end music of industry forum as an invited guest. He comes from the University of Westminster in England. The conference was sponsored by the Communication University of China. Professor Kienda andmany renowned experts from China and abroad will start a dialogue on the music industry in the international communication center of CUC.Professor Kienda teaches media law and music industry in the University of Westminster. He also teaches music industry management in many famous universities all around the world. In China, he has been studied music industry together with the Center for Culture Studies of Peking University for many years. Besides, he also serves on many music industry committee such as Performance Rights Association and BritishR&B Association. Professor Kienda has rich management experience and research achievement in music industry, he has made a great contribution in promoting this area. he made a speech about music industry. Today, professor kienda,who has largely focused on two reports from the uk ,says that it should be paid by the manufactuner or the intermediary to pay for copyright fees,and the technology development is much more than the law,new ways to solve the problem of copyright should be sought,in this,professor kienda,who is presented with a licence to ensure that the artist is paid by the record,and in the end,the professor points out that today's copyright law is only beneficial to the copyright owner,not necessarily to artists.By the time he finished his lecture, the audience in conference hall gave a warm applause for professor Kienda’s wonderful speech. The speech of the professor not only broaden our global eyesight upon music industry, but also made a great contribution to the globalization of music business. Furthermore, professor Kienda's speech gave a precious advice for China’s music industry.

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