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Zhao Zhian

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Zhao Zhian

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Zhao Zhian: Professor, master tutor. After graduating from master's degree in 1997, he taught at Hunan Normal University Conservatory of Music. Since 1999, Professor Wang Yaohua from Fujian Normal University Conservatory of Music and former researcher Qiao Jianzhong, former director of Institute of Music of Chinese Academy of Arts, has been pursuing doctoral student in "Direction of Music Anthropology". Since 2002, he has been teaching doctoral degree at Communication University of China. Now he is a professor and a master tutor at the School of Music and Recording Arts of Communication University of China. In recent years, he published more than ten academic articles, such as "Research on the Art of Traditional Chinese Opera in Beijing" and "The Course of Chinese Music Culture"; published "An Introduction to Subject Recognition in Music Communication". He has presided over and completed two national and provincial scientific research projects such as "Introduction to Music Communication Studies" and participated in the completion of four national and provincial ministerial-level projects such as "International Dissemination of Chinese Musical Culture." Which I presided over the completion of the "Capital Beijing Jing Hu Art Center exhibition copy design" horizontal project. More affirmed by the former leaders of the country, had a good social impact. I also went to South Korea, Thailand and Europe and the United States on many occasions to attend international academic conferences, and successively in Tallinn University in Estonia, Purdue University for a year or months of academic exchange and learning activities, has a good international academic vision; The main teaching , Scientific research for Chinese music, music anthropology, media music and music industry and other disciplines.

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