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Zhang Qian

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Zhang Qian

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Academic Background: Music Theory Research Areas: Ethnomusicology, Pop Studies, Sociology of Music Title Professional Degree: PhD Teaching Courses: Music Style and Genres, Music Literary Writing, Pop Culture, World Music Culture Department: Music Department

Zhang Qian, Master of World Folk Music, Central Conservatory of Music, Communication University of China Ph.D., Ph.D. in Sociology of Music and Music Discipline "Non-mainstream Ups and Downs: Discourse Practice and Dispute in Chinese Popular Music Criticism (1932- 1976) "received outstanding doctoral dissertation. During his or her studies and work, he attended various academic conferences and various music workshops on many occasions, actively engaged in international academic exchanges, participated in many national scientific research projects such as "network music dissemination" and presided over three scientific research projects at the university level. He has published over ten dissertations and over 20 translations in publications at all levels and published a book entitled "World Music Culture Course". The dissertation won the second prize (first prize vacancy) of the National Music Communication Papers Contest. Since taking office at Communication University of China in 2005, he has been teaching "World Music Culture", "Popular Music Culture", "Music Style and Genre", and also serves as executive editor of "Music Communication" magazine.

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