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Yang Qiong

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Yang Qiong

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Since joining the work in 2000, he has successively undertaken the teaching of six professional music courses and professional basic courses such as piano, solfeggio, music theory, music appreciation, music and drama analysis, film and television drama music, with an average of over 300 lessons a year. Each class has done a careful lesson preparation, teaching better, by the students generally recognized and welcomed. 2000-2003 as a director of class 99 audio director in 2002 the class was "hospital-class outstanding class." The glorious title. In 2006, he took the post of director of 06 Musicology, and on December 13, 2006, he organized "The First Musicology Freshmen Concert" at the 400th Lecture Hall Organizing 06 Musicology Class. In 2007, he organized and directed 5 Students participated in the "2007 Beijing Piano Music Festival" contest on May 1. 4 students won the highest award in this competition youth senior group - "Excellence Award"; I was also awarded the "collective outstanding teachers" and "Outstanding Organization Award." In early 2008 won the "CMU excellent class teacher" Glorious title. In early 2009, the department organized "Wu Tieying Chinese Piano Works Concert" organized by music department students in June 2009 to organize students to attend "Five One" Art and Music Evening. "Major research areas include: 1999.11 << Gao Baozhen Audio >> published papers << plus Dana interpretation of Stravinsky's "Prodigal's life" 2000.2 << KBA true audio >> Published papers << Color Master's Color World >> 2001 << Gao Baozhen audio >> published papers << Music Of the spiral >> 2003 Mainly to participate in a research, "Communication University of China for the twenty-first Century key textbook construction" project, and Lu Xu teacher co-wrote the music teaching << form and works analysis >> has been published by Communication University of China Press published in 2005. Participate in a scientific research "Communication University of China for the twenty-first Century key textbook construction" project Piano teaching material << Piano Basic Tutorial >> part of the text has been in the school draft.Published in October 2006. < "Peacock" movie music analysis>, included in Zeng Li's film and television music anthology .2007 Thesis << classical music and idol >> included in the 2007 third music dissemination of papers .2008 papers Speaking from the concert box office "included" Music Communication and Music Communication ", Nanjing University Press 2009.10 In the national magazine in the" Piano Art "published" similar works of twelve works. "2010.1 In the" music Spread "published" on "media music talent training" class building "2010.6 In the national second magazine" small performer "published a paper" Aqua "2010.8 In the national magazine" piano art "published" Yuanyuan far Yangguanyizha tearless teacher "2010.8 In the national magazine" People's Music, "published" one wall bookcase two Suqian 卅 carrying people three discs handed down. "2012.12 In the national magazine" Contemporary Film "published" "The stone of other hills can attack jade" - "Kung Fu Panda" soundtrack in the use of Chinese national music elements "

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