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Music System

Music Department of Music Studies, will be television, film, radio system programming, audio-visual publishing, arts and culture and other related units to train mainly engaged in music creation, p...[Know more]

Recording System

Department of recording more than 20 years of school history, the existing undergraduate, master's degree, Master of Arts graduate, doctoral students a full range of school level, up to 240 student.[ Know more ]


School level

  • Musicology undergraduate di...

    Music communicati... 了解更多
  • Recording Arts undergraduat...

    ​Sound engineeri... 了解更多
  • Master of Music Studies

    Traditional Music... 了解更多
  • Master of Recording Arts di...

    Recording Arts, A... 了解更多
  • Musicology doctoral directi...

    Sociology of Musi... 了解更多
  • Recording Art PhD direction

    Art of hearing 了解更多

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