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Professional setting 
master's degree

First, musicology


Music editor

3 electronic music production

4. Vocal performance

Second, recording art

Audio director (sound reinforcement direction)

2. Audio director (music recording direction)

3. Audio director (video recording direction)

4 sound engineering

Professional presentation

Music spread

Students of this major will learn the concepts, skills and methods of music art, business management and modern media necessary for the music industry and commerce. They will acquire good musical appreciation ability, commercial operation ability and modern media technology.

Graduating students may choose to enter the music and media industry to engage in planning, production and promotion, enter the record and entertainment markets for operations, management and marketing, and other music related work in the music industry.

Music editor

This major seeks to seek development under the general direction of "Media Musicology". Based on the cultivation of rich culture, art and morality, this major seeks to inspire music creativity and media awareness as a fundamental requirement, focusing on cultivating various media with music Editor, editor for the expertise of the technical backbone and business elite. On the one hand, traditional media such as radio and television are employment-oriented; on the basis of building up humanistic accomplishments and shaping musical tastes, they should develop integrated skills in planning, compiling, supervising and producing music and radio programs for radio and television programs; on the other hand, vigorously To tap the employment market of emerging media such as the Internet and mobile phones, to cultivate high-level specialized personnel who take the new media's music editing as their core competence and new media's music planning, marketing and management thinking based on cutting-edge media vision, market thinking and innovative music concepts . In addition, record companies, video production, publishing and other industries also constitute the professional training objectives involved and spread of the area.

Electronic music production

The major is to cultivate a comprehensive cross-disciplinary application of creative professionals, is to develop a collection of electronic music production, computer music technology, recording technology and modern audio technology, composer (composition of the main) in one, can broadcast , Film and television, advertising, animation, games and other production of music composite senior electronic music production talent.

The professional employment direction for radio and television agencies, arts groups and record companies and other units. Through four years of professional production of electronic music production, to maximize the social adaptation of electronic music production talent needs and requirements.

Vocal performance

The major is to cultivate a composite talent with a high singing skill and a certain degree of vocal teaching ability, and strive to become a talent training base for music academies, art colleges, comprehensive universities, cultural groups, film, music and cultural performances institutions.

The major is based on several subordinate directions of musicology. With vocal performance in the development and spread of modern society, diversified combination modes and communication laws are the main research subjects. The vocal performance technique, art, style and singing are the main research teaching Means to explore the new ideas of vocal performance teaching.

Sound director (sound reinforcement direction)

The professional training has a certain literary, film, television, music and other aspects of the basic theory, basic knowledge of electronic technology and acoustics; master the principle of sound reinforcement equipment, with sound design, sound reinforcement system to build and adjust, live sound reinforcement, television program expansion Sound and other aspects of the basic theoretical knowledge and practical ability; in radio and television systems, professional performance venues, arts and culture departments and other related units engaged in sound planning, live sound reinforcement and other aspects of financial technology and art in one of the senior professionals.

Audio director (music recording direction)

The professional training has a certain basic theory of music, literature, movies, television and other basic knowledge of electronic technology and acoustics; master recording and sound reinforcement equipment principle, with music recording, video recording, live sound reinforcement and other basic theoretical knowledge And practical ability, especially to cultivate the student system and fully grasp the music recording skills and laws; in music related units, radio, film and television systems, audio-visual program production units, cultural and arts departments and other related units engaged in music recording and other aspects of work Technology and art in one of the high-level professionals.

Audio director (video recording direction)

Audio director professional direction for radio and television movie system, film and television program production company, cultural media company, performance agencies, audio-visual program production units, digital media, etc., to cultivate a higher musical and film and television arts accomplishments, master electronic recording technology knowledge and Related acoustic knowledge, familiar with the composition of the audio system, familiar with the principle and use of audio equipment, mastering the production of music and film before and after the production technology, with a certain amount of sound art creation, music recording, video recording and live sound reinforcement composite specialized Talent.

Among them, the field of film and television recording focuses on cultivating sound production technology with high artistic accomplishment of film and television and combining sound and picture, mastering sound production technologies in the fields of film, television, radio, digital media, etc., and has certain ability of sound design and sound creation, TV program recording, radio recordings, digital media audio production of sound crews. The main employment direction of students for TV stations, movie studios, film and television production company, network audio program production department and game sound design and other related fields.

Sound engineering

Recording Arts (sound engineering direction) is a technology and art integration of the professional direction. The professional training both with generous mathematics, physics, electronics and basic knowledge of technology but also have a certain film, television, music and other aspects of the art of basic theoretical knowledge, at the same time master the sound system and sound equipment principle, with sound system engineering design and recording program production Ability, can be in the radio, film and television systems, arts and culture department, audio-visual program production units, audio engineering design companies and related departments engaged in recording engineering, sound reinforcement engineering and sound system engineering design of senior professionals.

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