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The School of Music and Recording Arts of Communication University of China was founded in 2011. However, the history of undergraduate education runs back to the original establishment of Beijing Broadcasting Institute. Especially since the 1990s, great progress has been made in professional construction. By 2011, the school will further optimize the disciplinary layout and establish a new music and sound recording art academy based on the original related disciplines. The famous vocal educator Jin Tielin will be hired as the honorary president and the famous composer Xu Peidong will serve as the president of the college The development of a new era.

Music and Recording Arts College is now equipped with Department of Music and Department of recording, with music, recording art two professional music under the professional music distribution, electronic music production, music editing, vocal performance in four directions, under the professional recording technology In the field of postgraduate training, the college also has a master's and doctoral training level, but also has a post-doctoral mobile music station, the formation of The music and sound recording complete and unique discipline system and "undergraduate, master, doctorate," the multi-level personnel training pattern.

For many years, the Department of Music and Recording Department of Communication University of China have trained a large number of outstanding professionals for the cause of media in our country. As of 2012, about 2,480 graduates have been trained, and the employment rate has remained above 98%. These students with good academic performance are all over CCTV, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, radio and TV stations of various provinces and cities, colleges and universities, military and cultural groups, audio-visual companies and cultural undertakings. Some graduates have further their studies overseas. Many graduates have become industry experts and business leaders, some of whom have embarked on leadership posts and contributed to the development of the media industry in our country.

Currently, the College of Music and Recording Arts has a very strong faculty team. Professor Xu Pei-dong, Dean and PhD supervisor, is a famous musician. Professor Zeng Sunsin and Professor Lu Ying-kun of the Department of Music are both well-known scholars in the field of music science. Professor Li Dakang is a famous music recording engineer and Beijing teaching teacher, Professor Tao Jing is a famous movie recording engineer. College also hired a number of domestic and foreign scholars, industry experts and scholars as part-time professor. "Recording Arts" is the Ministry of Education's national specialty.

The college inherits the fine tradition of facing the world and opening up schools and attaches importance to foreign exchange and cooperation. Over the years, academic contacts have been established with relevant agencies in many countries and regions. The college holds regular high-level international academic exchanges and invites overseas experts and scholars to come forward to lecture, serve as researchers, visiting professors or consultants and carry out cooperative research with world-class universities. Also regularly send outstanding students to study abroad cooperative universities, so that outstanding undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to study abroad. As of 2011, the college held a total of 9 "recording master class", invited a number of internationally renowned academics, industry professionals to lecture, "recording Master Class" has become China's audio recording interface to the world a window and exchange platform . In 2007, Ms. Wang Lijun, the first generation of outstanding recording engineer in our country, set up the "Wang Lijun Recording Arts Scholarship" at the college to encourage and support students who have outstanding achievements in sound recording art and have excellent academic performance. So far, the college has organized three sessions of "Music Communication Symposium" in cooperation with sister universities, laying the leading position of our college in this field.

With the support of the school, the college's hardware construction has achieved leapfrog development. At present, it has a variety of teaching space and facilities such as music studio, music recording laboratory, video recording laboratory, film and television studio, audio editing laboratory, electronic music studio, band rehearsal room and piano room , For the daily teaching, extracurricular practice, the creation of graduation works to provide a guarantee, and gradually become the domestic media music talent, recording talent is the most important personnel training base and scientific research base. At present, the college will soon be relocated to the teaching building B at the main campus, connected with the main teaching buildings in the main campus, and a new batch of experimental teaching studios and studios will be added to provide more services to college students Practice places and opportunities.

With the strong support of the school, the newly established College of Music and Recording Arts will continue to focus on teaching and improve its teaching quality and personnel training. At the same time, based on years of experience in running schools, we will stick to the discipline construction idea of "integrating the resources and optimizing the mode" in conducting the study of musicology into the mainstream and first class, and strive to build a "distinctive and high standard" The College of Music and Recording Arts, the college's teaching and management to the next level.

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