• Introduction to the guest speaker in the First Music Industry Forum 2014(II)
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  • JianchaoZhou
            General manager of China Record Corporation ,Director of the organizing committee of “China Gold Record Award ”which is the highest-level incentive programs of the LP (audiovisual) industry in China. Hewas awarded as one of “100 excellent publishingentrepreneurs”in China.

    Ge Chen
           the CEO of Xing Jun Technology Company as well as the former chairman of Ju Jing music Network.
           Graduated from Peking University with a Bachelor's degree in Economic Management in 1988, Chen devoted himself to business after he completed his Master program in America. In September 2005, Chen is known as“Yao Ming's partner”. With Yao’s help,Chen invested and founded Jujing music network. Chen accelerated the process of legalizing Chinese digital music. In 2007, Ju Jing music got investment from Google, after which Chen was able to begin his second pioneering work with wearable devices and intelligent hardware.

    Ju Wang
           Vice-chairman and secretary-general of China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association. He has served successfully as the Vice-president in China Broadcast Publishing and China Record Corporation (CRC)-Management, Executive chief editor in the Magazine “China Audio”
           He also activated in the music industry like participating and sponsoring the CCTV event “15 outstanding broadcasting songs” in the 1980s.  He has leaded the composing of The Power of Asia, theme song of the eleventh Beijing Asian Games in 1990. In addition, he was the former Vice-director of the jury of China Gold Record Award, Chinese Publishing Award. What’smore, he  participated in the third amendment of "Copyright Law of People's Republic of China “held by National Copyright Administration .He is also one of the specialists served as Content Advisor for imported audio and video products in Press and Publication Administration.

           the Director of China Music Industry Park (Shanghai)、Vice-president of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group (The first cross-media operating audio industry in China)、Chairman of Records Industrial Committee, Vice-president of China Audio-video Association.
           In so many years, he has always been devoted in promoting the development of Chinese music culture industry, has made important contributions to improving policies and copyright protection system, cultivation of talents. Meanwhile, he values the culture exchanges between China and the West, having a great influence on carrying forward the Chinese music to the World.

    Fan Zhang
           The founder of Beijing Midi school,Midi Music Festival (the first original music festival held in China) and Beijing International Jazz Festival, the Co. Artistic director of Beijing Midi performance. He is highly reputed in the rock music scene and the field of music performance. "Midi Festival" is currently the largest open-air rock festival in China, since 2000, it was held its 25th successfully, it plays a big role in promotion and publicity of Chinese rock music, he held a large number of open-air music festivals, known as China 's " Woodstock ."

    Fengkun Mao
           President of Music Industry promotion committee of the State Administration of Press, Vice-President of China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association, Former president of Beijing Television and Art Center Audio Press. Expert for censoring import products in department of Audio and Video Products Investigation Committee. He has devoted himself to consummating the functionality of the music industry, promoting the production and publication of Chinese original music industry and enriching the spiritual and cultural life of people for decades. Furthermore, he has made a substantial contribution to the prosperity of Chinese music industry and cultivation of both art and specialty talents.

    Jingjing Wang
           general secretary of Music Industry Promotion Committee, was the general manager of China Film Group Corporation in Beijing video company. .He is also one of the specialists served as Content Advisor for imported audio and video products in Press and Publication Administration .
           He was also in charge of the “Peasant Bookstore Project”.


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