• Patrik Wikstrom 教授“音乐工业”工作室公开课公告
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    此次“音乐工业”工作室邀请来自澳大利亚昆士兰科技大学的Patrik Wikstrom教授,就音乐产业未来分销方式的专题开设讲座,并进行学术和科研考察会谈。承办单位为艺术学部音乐与录音艺术学院,欢迎届时参加。

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    课程名称:The Future of the Music Industry in an age of Digital Distribution。

    授课教授:Professor Patrik Wikstrom

    公开课介绍:The talk will cover how the music industry has changed due to digital technologies. During the talk I will look at how the changing balance between live music, music licensing and recorded music. I will also discuss online music subscription services and whether they might be a future for music distribution in China and elsewhere in the world. It will also look at how music artists and composers are affected by this change.





    Professor Patrik Wikstrom is a Principal Research Fellow at the Centre of Creative Industries and Innovation at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Wikstrom's research concerns innovation and learning in the cultural industries and most of his publications have been focused on the digital transformation of the industries for music and literature.

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